Anchor API

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This document describes KAS (Klaytn API Service) Anchor API. Anchor API provides features sending metadata available to verify data reliability to ensure the reliability of service chain data to Klaytn main chain.

For more details on using the Anchor API, please refer to Tutorial.



KAS uses Basic HTTP Auth. All requests must contain a valid Authorization header. KAS users must use access key ID as username, and secret access key as password to create credentials for Basic Auth. The KAS account credentials grant access to all services of KAS and own all rights to the Klaytn account created by Wallet API, which means they can execute value transfer of assets on the Klaytn account (like KLAY) or a Transaction execution. To keep your KAS/Klaytn account secure, do not share your KAS API Secret Access Key with others and manage it safely.


  curl --location --request GET '{operator-id}/tx' \
  -u ${your_accessKeyId}:${your_secretAccessKey} \
  --header 'x-chain-id: {{chain-id}}' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme basic